Boston Real Estate  


Boson condo buyers do look at how long a condominium has been on the market.  Sometimes the information is used to determine how much to offer for the Beacon Hill home and in other cases they get cold feet and make no offer because the home has been on the market for so long.

When I look at these listings I check to see if there have been any price reductions.  If I see a home that has been on the market for a long time, like over a 100 days and the price has never changed I assume that the sellers are not very motivated and wonder if they are open to negotiation.

As a downtown Boston real estate broker I am not open to the idea of having a listing that has sat on the market for more than a 100 days with no price reductions. I start spending money on my listings before the ink is dry on the contract but do not make a dime until the sale of the home closes.