Thomas Palmer of the Globe reports on a project proposed for the East Boston waterfront:

Residential projects on two prominent East Boston waterfront sites with postcard views of downtown have been stalled for years, but that’s not stopping owners of an old industrial complex on New Street from moving forward.

The Ohanian family, which has owned the four underused commercial buildings near Maverick Square for four decades, have filed plans with the city to spend about $90 million to turn the four-acre site into about 150 residences, with a hotel or additional living units in a second phase.

As Mr Palmer mentions, this is not the East Pier or Hodge Boiler Works project.

If the New Street developer breaks ground and is finished first, it will have a significant leg-up on the competition.

We shall see.

Details on the project, after the break.

From the BRA:

Proposed Project

The project includes the redevelopment of the existing 9-story building for residential uses with three added residential floors and 2-level parking garage on the north side of the existing 9-story building, and the demolition of the 1, 3, and 5-story buildings.

It also includes the construction of a new 6-story building for either residential use or for a hotel or extended stay use with a 2-level parking facility below the new building.

Other site features include ground-floor facilities of public accommodation, on-site parking, a marina, and substantial public access and open space to and along Boston Inner Harbor including a new, permanent Harborwalk and a water taxi landing and waiting area (see Figure 1-2, Project Site Plan and Figure 1-3, Perspective View of Project).

The project will enhance and maintain a view corridor to the waterfront along Sumner Street.

The portion of the site’s watersheet, which remains in part of the DPA, will be restored for feasible DPA use. At minimum, pile fields will be removed from the watersheet and a vehicle access route from New Street to this area will be provided.

Redeveloped Building

The existing 9-story building will be redeveloped with an additional 3 stories. This new 12-story building will consist of approximately 148, one and two-bedroom residential units.

Parking Garage

A new 2-level, parking garage with 78 to 104 spaces will replace the existing parking/loading area and 3-story building on the north side of the redeveloped building. Vehicles will access this garage from New Street. The higher number of parking spaces in the garages could be achieved through the use of vehicle stackers. A stacker is a hydraulic lift system that provides space for two parked vehicles, one over the other.

New Building

A new 6-story building will replace the existing 1 and 5-story buildings. It will contain either approximately 62, one and two-bedroom residential units or 106 hotel or extended stay units. A restaurant or similar facility of public accommodation will be located on the waterside of the building’s ground floor. A two-level subsurface parking structure, accommodating 71 to 121 spaces, will be located beneath this building. Stackers may also be used in this structure.

Waterside Facilities

The pier and wharves will be accessible to both recreational and commercial vessels. Along the southern pier, a small recreational marina is proposed. Approximately 2,300 cubic yards of material will have to be dredge to support the marina. On the northern wharf, space is set aside for DPA uses including a water taxi landing and services area.

Public Areas

The project will provide substantial new public access to and along the harbor with the addition of a continuous Harborwalk along the edge of the wharves, with open space on the landward side. The new Harborwalk will be 10-feet clear and fully accessible with no obstructions. It will connect to the existing Harborwalk at LoPresti Park.

Source: Residences planned at New Street industrial site – By Thomas C Palmer Jr., The Boston Globe

Also: New Street Development – Boston Redevelopment Authority (.pdf)

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