The East Boston waterfront, with great views of downtown Boston, and just minutes away from the rest of the city, by car, MBTA, and boat (?), is going to see great changes, in the near future.

East Pier Boston is about to begin construction (you can see the banner announcing the project, off in the distance, from the city).

This development will include up to 540 condominium units, as planned, as well as a new restaurant, health club, daycare center, community space and approximately 754 parking spaces.

Nearby, a 426-unit housing project called Maverick Landing is nearing completion, on the site of a former public housing complex.

In addition, according to the Globe:

The City of Boston is soliciting developers to build a bustling area of shops, homes, and boat slips.

The three lots, 14 acres in all, along the East Boston waterfront sit on the former shipyard of Donald McKay , who was considered America’s premier clipper shipbuilder in the mid-1800s.

Proposals call for a mixed-use development, including up to 200 condos, a waterfront park, and a marina.

More: Sailing ahead on the waterfront – By Matt Viser, The Boston Globe

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