Mindless surveys and polls annoy me.

Here’s another one!

Bizjournals [publisher of the Boston Business Journal] created a comprehensive formula to find the answer, evaluating the fun potential of the nation’s 50 largest markets.

What was the methodology?

Bizjournals began by collecting federal statistics for 14 relevant types of businesses, from retail stores and restaurants to gambling casinos and golf courses. Each market was graded on both the volume (total number) and the concentration (rate per 100,000 residents) of such businesses.

Results were then grouped in seven broad categories of fun: shopping; food and drink; culture; popular entertainment, which includes spectator sports; gambling; high-impact sports facilities, such as fitness centers; and low-impact sports venues, such as golf courses and bowling lanes.

What did they find out?

New York City is great!

Also, Boston.

Occupying second place in the overall standings of America’s fun places is Boston, which leads two categories (shopping and high-impact sports) and ranks seventh or better in four others.

b>New York City tops list of America’s fun places – By G Scott Thomas, bizjournals.com

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