Editorial note. I’m going to be careful how I word this.

I enjoy reading the comment section of my bog from my readers both positive and negative. Recently, for the first time, I had to delete inappropriate content, not comments that disagree with me, but comments that are trying to rent apartments in the Back Bay and are encouraging my blog readers to go to their web site.

Let me make this as clear as I can. I don’t promote my own apartment rentals, so why would I promote yours….

There’s a Back Bay company that is using the comment section of this blog to promote their apartment rentals. I’m asking you to stop.

The purpose of my blog, is for my blog readers and my writers to express their thoughts and opinions on the local real estate market. Hopefully, my readers find the content enjoyable and informative, and your company (initials JR) are welcome to join in on the conversation, as long as you stay on topic.

As I said, I enjoy my loyal blog readers comments, both positive and negative. I can even handle comments that insult me (as long as they are backed by some facts). But today, I spent more time on this blog trying to stay on top of your spam comments, I didn’t even get to write half the blog posts that I wanted to, because I can’t keep up with all I. P addresses that your comments were coming from. Please, please don’t promote your rental apartments on the comment section of my blog.

If you want to advertise your company or apartment rentals you can do it on the far right side of this homepage. I charge $50.00 per link per month. But please don’t use the comment section to push your apartment rentals.

To my blog readers, I’m sorry. Do you think I’m overreacting?

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