Today a friend of mine is shopping for a new car. She’d like to purchase an electric car, but there’s a problem – she lives in a Boston condo. So I was wondering if there are any luxury condo or apartment complexes in Boston that have electric car chargers in their garages? For that matter, are there any in the country?

I Googled this conundrum of mine and I came up with this  article that shows that Equity Real Estate has an apartment complex in DC that provides electric car charging stations for their tenants. Here’s the good news: Equity is also looking at Boston as another possible city to add electric charging stations:

Equity believes that in urban, high demographic, high rent areas that there will be demand for this service. They are working to add this amenity to properties they own in Boston, Seattle, Bellevue, Washington, and South Florida.

Depending on the success of the project in the Mount Vernon Triangle location, Equity will consider adding the service to other buildings they have in DC.

The charging rate/hour will depend on how much pull is made by the motor. Fast charging at a higher Kw rate will cost more, probably $3.50 hour, and slower charging will probably be 75 cents/hour.

I also came across this interesting video that is confronting condominium associations on how they can implement electric car stations due to physical limitations.

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