National Association of Realtors has released first quarter sales data.  For single family homes (and, condos, too, I believe), prices rose 9.7% for the nation, as a whole.  In fact, of 136 metro areas, 130 had rising prices; 66 had double-digit price increases.  Only six metro areas had decreasing median prices.

Number of sales increased, as well.

Top ten markets (by median price) and 1-year percent change in median price

Metro Area  State  Percent  Change  Median Price

San Francisco Bay Area  CA       14.8%      $689,200
Orange County (Anaheim/Santa Ana)  CA       14.7%       $656,900
San Diego  CA       20.9%       $584,100
Honolulu  HI       26.0%       $529,100
Los Angeles Area  CA       21.1%       $474,700
New York: Bergen/Passaic  NJ       18.1%       $448,100
New York: Nassau/Suffolk  NY       16.3%       $446,700
New York/N. New Jersey/Long Island  NY/NJ/CT       18.0%       $435,200
Boston  MA       14.8%       $398,300
New York: Middlesex/Somerset/Hunterdon  NJ       18.2%       $381,400



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