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Thanks to FEMA’s new flood-zone map for Boston, there’s going to be a lot of shocked and angry landowners in the city when they get slapped with demands that they have to buy flood insurance.

How many properties are we talking about?

From the Globe:

The proposed maps, released Friday by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, could more than double the number of residences considered in danger of flooding to about 18,000 from 8,000. The number of businesses affected would also balloon from 250 located primarily along the city’s wharfs to nearly 4,000 stretching as far inland as downtown Boston.

The FEMA maps are here, if you can figure them out. The Boston Globe map, which can’t be accessed from behind its firewall, shows virtually the entire Seaport area now within a flood zone.

And, no, Noah’s Ark isn’t going to save them.

File under: Get your own ark.


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Updated: January 2018

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