Boston Real Estate for Sale

If you are a Boston apartment renter you may find this week’s Forbes magazine of interest. Forbes on 10 cities to go from renting to buying:

Whether to rent or buy is a complex decision, but timing is important. In many U.S. cities, the premium to buy–the difference between what you’d pay monthly to own a home, rather than rent–has dropped dramatically. If that’s the case in your metro, the next thing to consider is whether your home will appreciate. In these 10 cities the step up from renting to buying is a much smaller one than usual, according to data from Dallas-based Witten Advisors, an apartment market consulting firm, and the five-year S&P/Case Shiller home price outlook is particularly good. If you’ve been considering trading in your lease for a deed, click ahead for some cities where it might be a good idea to take the plunge.

Yes, Boston made the list. Any Boston renters looking to buy!

File Under: Good nabes.

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