I have been contacted by several London investors over the past several weeks. They are each looking for residential properties to buy and rent out.

US real estate looks comparatively cheap to these buyers.

Jay Fitzgerald of the Herald agrees:

European and Asian investors are snapping up properties across Boston, including on toney Newbury Street, drawn in part by a weak U.S. dollar.

European investors, who get an almost automatic 30 percent discount due to the strength of the Euro and British pound compared to the U.S. greenback, are buying condos, retail spaces and office buildings, particularly in the Back Bay, real estate officials say.

Foreign investors are great clients. They are often well-educated on how the real estate market works (even in the US), they make purchasing decisions based solely on returns and not for emotional reasons, they consider US properties to be cheap so no sticker-shock … and, THEY OFTEN PAY CASH, making mortgage loan approvals a non-issue!

More: The world at our doorstep: Foreigners buy Hub properties – By Jay Fitzgerald, The Boston Herald

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