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A couple sold their Brooklyn condo, on their own, without a broker.

It appears to have worked out well, for everyone.

Only quibble I have – I think they should have offered to pay a broker who brought in a buyer.  It would have increased foot traffic, probably.  Most buyers have agents.  Because the sellers weren’t participating, buyers would have had difficult conversations with their agents – “I want to go see this condo.  They aren’t paying the commission.  Are you okay with that?”  The buyer’s agent would say, fine, it’s best you see all listings.  The buyers might have considered paying their agent’s commission, no matter what, but probably not.  Therefore, their agent, who has shown them 95% of the listings they’ve viewed, gets nothing.

Complete article: The Fizzbows: Final Report from the FSBO Front

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Updated: January 2018

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