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There’s a trend in Boston and elsewhere of building smaller housing units (and we’re talking real small, as in 300 square feet) as a way to make more affordable housing available to young workers.

Today, the Boston Globe has an editorial calling on the Menino Administration to loosen up when it comes to approving these new so-called “micro-unit” housing concepts.

The Globe makes some good points, especially with how the market seems to be calling for more of these units. But the BRA isn’t exactly in the complete wrong here, believing, apparently, that what’s popular today could become real pains in the future, i.e. slum-lord like housing conditions.

Here’s a compromise: Approve more for the Innovation District. That place is hot right now, and people have a lot of money invested there these days. They’re simply not going to let the units fail and fall into disrepair, becoming eyesores and harming the value of their investments etc. Other areas of the cities should experiment with them too.

Then make sure they’re all regulated well.

It’s a promising concept that deserves a little caution, but not nearly as much caution as the BRA might think.

The above rendition is via preliminary designs by Boston’s ADD Inc.

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