Grouchy McGrouchsters, indeed.

Group seeks to repeal housing law – By Christine McConville, The Boston Globe

Hoping to harness the simmering outrage over the state’s affordable housing law, a group of activists opposed to the law has launched the first-ever statewide effort to repeal it.

The group is led by a community activist by the name of John Belskis.

“It’s a developers’ welfare program that doesn’t really create affordable housing,” he said yesterday. “It just doesn’t work.”

The name of his organization is Coalition for the Reform of 40B.

Er, if by “reform” you mean, “outlaw”.

If it is approved by the attorney general’s office, Belskis plans to begin collecting the necessary 66,593 signatures of registered voters in September. The petition would be presented to the Legislature in January 2008.

Count me in as a supporter of Chapter 40B initiatives. Perhaps there should be changes to the law, but it’s hard to argue against it – there have been many “affordable housing” units built as a result of the law. Homes that wouldn’t have been built, otherwise.

( ** And, let’s be honest about this – this guy isn’t against this because he’s concerned that developers are making too much money; he’s against it because he doesn’t want housing built that is affordable by lower-income people, because it will bring down his property’s value.)

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