I just heard about this website called “Going.com”.

It’s a social networking site … oh, god, another one?

Anyway, moving on, here’s their deal:

Going helps you find fun things to do and fun people to meet.

* Ever wish there’s one place where you can find all the events around town?
* Want to know whether an event is worth going to and see who else is interested?
* Looking to meet some new people who are up for doing fun things?

We felt the same frustration and decided to do something about it. The result is Going: we now have hundreds of events a day and thousands of people who are up for doing fun things.

How it works

* Find something fun you’d like to do. We have tons of ways to help you do that, such as by popularity (how many others are interested), by time, by distance, or using our Editors’ Picks.

* See who else wants to go. Don’t be shy; people are meeting up to go do stuff all the time. Feel free to post a message for the event to see who else’s up for meeting up.

* Find fun people who share your interests. Look up groups that sound interesting and say hi. See who’s similar in interests, then post a comment or send them a friend request. Most people are pretty friendly.

* Come to a Going party. We have parties every month for people on the Web site. It’s a great way to make a lot of friends in a jiffy. Hope to see you at the next one!


They’re active in four cities, including Boston, and are planning on growing quickly, over the coming months.

I don’t know. Sort of a good idea. But, of limited use, right?

I always figure, if you like doing something (snowboarding, seeing James Blunt (ick), etc.)you’ll already know when events are taking place. Like you need strangers to keep you informed?

More: Going.com

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