My parents often told me that young people were too impatient, that they wouldn’t wait for things.

That was twenty years ago.

It’s only gotten worse, as I think we can all attest.

The average 25-28 year old assumes they deserve to live like a millionaire, from day one.

That’s not realistic.

In reality, they may never achieve the financial goals they set out for themselves.

Meanwhile, they put themselves into debt, by the thousands, spend all their money haphazardly on drinking and eating at fancy restaurants and going on wasteful vacations, and spend more than they should on rent or mortgage loan payments.

Sound familiar?

Of course, a lot of really good folks don’t do that. They live modestly. They save.

And, then, one day, they end up getting what they want.

Before buying a home, PJ Jacobowitz wanted to accomplish two things: to find a great job in a technical field and to gain experience as a stand-up comic.

Though most of his friends lived with roommates in Manhattan, it struck Mr. Jacobowitz, 24, as short-sighted to pay high rent for the privilege of doing so. After college two years ago, he willingly returned to his parents’ house in North Woodmere on Long Island.

“For everyone else, what made them happy was to move out,” he said. “That wouldn’t make me happy. I needed other parts of my life nailed down first.”

What’s more, he told his friends, “what you are paying in rent, I am saving for a down payment. They didn’t understand.”

Now, two years later, what’s changed?

His friends are still paying rent, and living with roommates.

And, Mr. Jacobowitz?

He now owns his own home.

Yes, it’s only 200 square feet, but he’s taken the first step to financial security.

He’s a big boy now.

He’s quite the drunk, though.

Complete story: Beginning the Climb to the Penthouse – By Joyce Cohen, The New York Times

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