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Having trouble selling your Boston downtown condo? Here are some tips for you

Downtown Boston real estate for sale


Having trouble selling your Boston downtown condo? Here are some tips for you

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You’ve decided that 2022 is the year you’ll be selling your Back Bay or Beacon Hill condo. Timing is everything when it comes to a listing your Boston condo for sale, and it’s never too early to start planning. Here are five ways to get started:

1. Decide what stays and what goes in your Boston condo

You probably won’t want to take everything with you, so it’s a good time to start labeling what stays and what items will go where. Take advantage of services like donating items to Savers or the Salvation Army and receive tax benefits.

2. Speak with your CPA on how to handle proceeds your Boston condo.

 It’s a good idea to know what taxes you can expect to pay, as well as get professional advice on how to handle your Boston condos for sale profits.

3. Figure out your destination when moving out of your Boston condo

Moving within downtown Boston, or out of state? Now is a good time to decide where you’ll go. Research things like temporary rental costs or area preferences. This can sometimes involve a few trips back and forth if you’re moving to a new city. It’s also a good time to talk with a lender with respect to what property you may be purchasing next.

4. Get a sense for your property’s value and selling costs

Consult with your Realtor to find out your home’s value range and your expected selling costs. Don’t just run your address through Redfin or another online value estimator and call it a day. San Francisco is by no means a cookie-cutter town, and the devil is truly in the details when it comes to value estimates.

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5. Discuss your potential move-out timeframe with your Realtor. 

Many activities go into selling a home, and your Realtor should be in the mix so you can do so in the most advantageous way possible. Many tradespeople, stagers and other pre-sale professionals book up early in the high seasons of Spring and Fall. And there are certain times of year that aren’t as desirable for others when it comes to the available buyer pool and achieving multiple-offer prospects. Hash out these details with your agent so you can set up a strategy and have a successful sale.

Downtown Boston real estate for sale

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Having trouble selling your Boston downtown condo? Here are some tips for you

If you are having trouble selling your Boston condo for sale at Charles River Park or the Boston Seaport, you are not alone. Currently there are 637 Boston downtown condos available for sale  With this many choices, how do you get the buyers to see your home over the competition? Here are a few quick tips that can help you get more showings from Boston midtown condo buyers and ultimately have your property go from being available to being sold.

Boston Downtown Real Estate Sales Tips

Be able to access your Boston condo for sale

Have your agent leave a key with the doorman and if possible install a lockbox on your property. This saves the showing agents time in picking up keys from Boston real estate offices and allows them more time with the buyer. 

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Know your competition

Know your competition. Know how your neighbors Boston condo for sale is priced compared to yours. You may need to adjust the price of your Boston Seaport condo for sale to stay competitive in this real estate market.

Think like a Boston condo for sale buyer

Think like a buyer. If you were shopping for a property right now, would you buy your Boston condo for sale at that price? Try to be as objective as possible given what else may be for sale in the market.

Showing Schedule

Make your Charles River Park condo available for showings as often as you can. If you are strict about the showing schedule of your property, chances are buyers are going to pass on it and choose to see one of the many other homes for sale in the market.

Tenants in your Boston condo for sale

If you have a tenant in the property, try to get them to work with you on showings and keeping the property as neat as possible.

First Impressions

Curbside appeal matters more and more now. Make sure the exterior and common areas are clean and in good shape.

Throw out the garbage inside your home. I know this sounds simple,  but I cannot tell you how many homes I have taken a buyer to that had a pile of garbage in the kitchen or had a garbage odor in the houseFirst impressions are everything.

“But I’m not a neat freak!” Start to become one.  Try to make your house as neat and clean as possible for showings. Again, first impressions are everything.

Make sure your Realtor keeps you upodated

Have your agent update you weekly on what has sold and what is available for sale in the Boston real estate market. Properties come on and off the market everyday. Know what’s out there competing with your Boston Seaport condo for sale.

Personal Items

Minimize your personal photos. The goal is to get the buyer to look at your house and not your wedding photos.

Boston Downtown Real Estate For Sale in 2023

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