Hiding a cat ina Boston condo

Hiding a cat in a Boston condo






Hiding a cat in a Boston condominium

Last night, after giving 24 hour notice to my tenant, I made my routine inspection of a small Boston condo that I’m renting out. I’m also in the process of selling this property, so I wanted to test the smoke detectors to make sure that they work before the closing date.

On my scheduled appointment, I knocked on the door but no one answered. I cracked the door, made my presence known, loudly, before I stepped in. I closed the door behind me, and walked over to the smoke detector and as I was reaching up, a cat appeared from the hallway and curled himself around my leg. In my lease it states only one person would be renting the condo, and I had a no pet policy, due to fact that the condo association doesn’t allow pets.

I called the tenant the next day.

Me: “I see you have a cat.”

Tenant: “I don’t have a cat. It’s only me and my boyfriend living here.”

Me: “When I rented you the condo you told me it would only be you living there. Isn’t that correct?”

Tenant: “I don’t have a boyfriend living here”

Me: “Huh?”

To make a long story short, she invited me over to prove there was no cat or boyfriend living in the condominium. When I arrived at the apartment, I heard a lot of commotion before the door opened – what happened next was a desperate attempt to hide a boyfriend and a cat. The video below probably describes the situation the best:






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Updated: 1st Quarter 2018

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