High-end condos at midrange prices: New crop of development mixes style with economy

High-end condos at midrange pricesL new crop of development mixies style with economy. Kerry Durgin wanted a nicer place than her starter South Boston condo, but didn’t think she could afford high-end amenities and detailing while staying in the city.  She was wrong.Durgin recently found a new place that fit the bill.  For a relatively inexpensive $390,000, she bought a two-bedroom South Boston unit with detailed crown moldings, custom window and door casings, a private roof deck and more.

“I’ve never seen anything with this level of detail at this price,” said Durgin, a 30-year-old trade-show sales representative. “It gave me the opportunity to trade up to a far nicer condo.”

Buyers with a sense of style – but too little money for high-end downtown or South End places – are discovering a new option: midpriced luxury condos in outlying city neighborhoods.
Located in South Boston, Jamaica Plain and elsewhere, these units offer high-end amenities and detailing at relatively moderate prices.

Durgin’s new place has paneled wainscoting, cherrywood floors, recessed lighting and other top-scale amenities.  The kitchen features stainless-steel appliances, lots of granite counter space and a glass-fronted china cabinet, while the bathroom has a marble countertop and top-quality lighting and fixtures.

“We are targeting buyers with a discerning eye who really notice the details, but want to pay less,” said Ed Champy, whose Waypoint Development built Durgin’s condo. “If you pick the right designer and are willing to spend more time to get it right, you can do a lot more for the same money.”