The other day, I had an interesting conversation with my SEO coach Tim O’Keefe. In our  conversation, Tim brought up a movie he recently watched on Netflix. The point of why he brought it up was that he wanted to illustrate the necessity of selling lifestyle value in today’s real estate marketplace.

As Tim told me, It is so easy to get caught in a “greed trap”. Selling Boston high rise condos can be addictive with rising condo sales prices, until recently.

Here is an attempt to sell lifestyle:

As Tim told it :

I watched a very special movie last night called Marley and Me. I can only describe it as a journey of a couples life that was joined together with the addition of Marley the Dog.


With the first home symbolizing the family’s humble yet scattered focus. Their second home was more contemporary and symbolic of having arrived. While their third home although not nearly as contemporary was stately and representative of their mutual direction and goals.

Tim’s story was peppered with plenty of important symbols of one family’s journey played out through children, spouses, career, choices and their three homes, and of course Marley. Each home relocation changed over time.

Today we hear about the COVID-19 and a possible Boston real estate crash. We view 1st quarter Boston condo sales stats like it is the stock market. Of course, we did the same thing when the market was overheated. But we need to be reminded, we do not live in a market. We live in a home.

Our Boston home is where we share love, we have children and help our neighbors, especially during these challenging times. Walk down the street in Boston and there is a story. And that story has little to do with Boston real estate market prices, whether it’s going up or down. Instead, today you would hear about social-distancing, how your children are doing or our elderly parents are faring as a result or COVID-19. Basically you’ll hear stories of triumph as we help each other as a community and sometimes stories of despair or mourning as we lose loved ones and other heartbreak stories. What Tim was basically telling me home is where the heart is, in other words, you’re not selling a Boston condo, hopefully, you’re assisting in building a foundation, where a true home can begin, or perhaps continue to the next level.

That’s what homeownership is about – Family

Homeownership is not lousy news or good news. But owning Boston real estate is more than an investment vehicle, its a place where we bare our souls to our love ones. Some of you might be concerned that buying a Boston condo right now may not pay us back somehow. But real estate inches its way up on average. And here is a news flash. Put your money on the fact that we will get another sky is falling economic/health calamity. We always do. This wasn’t the first nor the last.

Today, with historic low-interest rates it is the best time to buy a Seaport, Midtown, or Beacon Hill condo in years. we may never see mortgage interest rates this low again in our lifetime.

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I must confess I didn’t watch the movie Marley and Me, it’s not my typical genre. But Tim reminded me of a quote:

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

This may be your time, to see you and your loved ones’ dreams come true by purchasing a new home. Or as my friend Tim would say;

Paint your future portrait. Put all your dreams, hopes, and aspirations into that picture.

Let’s get started on your new portrait, let’s find your new home.

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