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Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


It feels strange to write about Boston condo for sale affordability during a pandemic with high unemployment.  Even though mortgage rates are down the cost of housing is outpacing wage growth.

According to the National Association of Realtors affordability has declines which is a kind of backward way of saying the housing is less affordable:

“Affordability is down in two of the four regions from last month. The South had a gain of 1.8% followed by the Midwest with an incline of 2.3%. The Northeast had a decline of 1.1% followed by the West with a dip of 2.3%.”

Housing. Regionally, the West has the highest mortgage payment to income share at 20.9% of income. The Northeast had the second highest share at 15.0% followed by the South with their share at 14.7%. 

Housing costs as a percentage of income *

Boston real estate

Boston real estate

*The chart is a screen print from the National Association of Realtors web site.

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Boston condos for sale


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Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


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