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How Boston condo brokers are using AI

How Boston condo brokers are using AI

Last year I and many Boston condo brokers set off a wave of predictions, forecasts and wagers on the technology’s perceived promise and possible threat to the world of residential real estate. 

But as the chatbot and other artificial intelligence-powered tools moved from the interesting to the inevitable, conversations around the potential of to transform the Boston condo for sale industry has been in the forefront of many Boston condo brokers and agents.

For many condo for sale agents, the past few months have meant diving into the world of generative AI, and learning how to use it for the business of selling downtown Boston condominiums. For many brokers, robots are taking over the mundane tasks of writing listings, drafting and reviewing contracts and generating marketing campaigns. 

While AI is taking over some responsibilities, negotiating, showing listings, and personal market knowledge are still safely in Boston condo for sale agents’ domain. But as new iterations of AI tools emerge, so too will their uses for real estate, meaning brokers will be plenty more to learn and hopefully add to their toolkit. 


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