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In a recent Forbes article, a survey was conducted on what residential real estate buyers want now as a result of COVID-19. it describes changes that consumers want that can take place immediately and that builders and home renovators are already meeting their needs.

Some of the amenities for the home would include 

50% are looking for the germ resistance countertops, touch-free faucets, and better-equipped kitchen for cooking.

23% are looking for an area in their home that they can use as a gym.

16% are looking for home office space.

What do Boston real estate buyers want

The infographic below illustrates other features homebuyers and apartment renters are looking for. This features would include:

dropping zones for clean package delivery, more storage, flexible spaces for home offices, better technology, and energy efficiency, connection to the outdoors, full baths in mudrooms, multi-use garages, the potential for movable wall systems, and multiple office spaces.


Boston real estate

Boston real estate

My Boston real estate thoughts

If the Forbes magazine article is correct, this will put a strain on some of Boston’s older neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill. It could impact future apartment rents and Beacon Hill condo prices as it would be hard to implement some of these requests due to limited space and the age of these Beacon Hill buildings

Source: Link to Forbes article

Boston Real Estate for Sale





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