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How do you sell a Downtown Boston Condo in 2020? At the start of each year the National Association of Realtors does a study to find an answer to that question. The profile of home buyers and sellers report does just that. The National Association of Realtors created a report which we will summarize here?

What factors are involved in Selling a Downtown Boston Condo?

Lets start of with the home search. What did the Midtown condo buyer use to search for their home?

1. How do buyers search for their next home?

  • 95% frequently searched online
  • 64% used their Boston real estate agent’s input
  • 14% frequented open houses
  • 11% Yard signs, sidewalk sandwich boards 
  • 1% everything else (print, radio, TV)

2. What  influenced a buyer to buy a Downtown condo?

  • 53% internet
  • 31% real estate agent’s influence
  • 7% yard signs and open houses combined
  • 7% input of friends and family
  • Less than 1% – other (print, radio, TV)

The internet, more than anything else, leads to a Boston real estate sale. However, 89% of buyers used a Boston real estate broker to make the offer on their behalf. 

What about the internet leads for a Downtown Boston condo sale?

Does Google and Social Media ads work? Yes

  • 87% of buyers valued a full set of photos on the internet
  • 85% valued detailed written description of a Boston condo
  • 52% valued floor plans
  • 44% valued the real estate agent’s (listing agent’s) contact information
  • 42% valued virtual tours (video, floor plans etc.)

 MLS (multiple listing service)

1. 89% of home buyers use a Boston real estate broker who rely on the MLS.

2. 31% of home buyers rely on their real estate agent’s influence in picking their next home. Real estate agents do not typically use Zillow or other search portals to look for their clients, they use their local MLS.

3. MLS is the best source to display your Midtown condo for sale as tens of thousands of real estate websites.

How we sell Your Midtown condo Quick and For Top Dollar

  • Ford Realty pays extra to feature your Beacon Hill condo for sale on the most popular Boston real estate website like Zillow
  • Ford Realty is a member of the MLS systems so your condo has proper exposure.
  • Ford Realty provides floor plans & professional photography.

Bottom Line

  • We don’t waste time and money on home selling techniques that don’t work per the comprehensive research.
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