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How often do you move? In the old days, at least in theory, people bought their first homes when they were young, and, after maybe buying one or two more homes over the years as they built out their families with kids, would settle down until they died or were put away. Renters were thought to spend about seven years or so in one place before moving (sort of like Mary Richards did, moving from her tiny second floor, walk-up, studio apartment to that sweet Minneapolis high-rise).

Nowadays? Some people move. A lot.

Since 1993, I’ve lived in six places.

That averages out to about one place every two years.

Turns out, I’m not alone, according to a story in today’s New York Times.

And, apparently, I move a lot because I’ve got major issues.

Lots of moving could also signal a fear of commitment and a consequent fear of closing off opportunities. Or, like procrastination, it can be a way to avoid failure. “If it’s constantly in process, you’re never being judged for the finished product,” said Ms. Crown, who also warned against overpathologizing the behavior ….

… Serial movers seem motivated by everything from a desire for exploration, to the perpetuation of habit born in childhood, to a hunger for drama and excitement, to a fondness for extreme housekeeping …

… Therapists point out that any stress-inducing childhood event can be essentially re-enacted in adulthood without conscious intent or even recognition …

… “If something happens to somebody that overwhelms them at a vulnerable time, any particular behavior pattern can become a way of trying to take that overwhelming experience and turn it into something you can have control over.”


Oh, and, by the way, I’m moving again, next month.

It’s your fault, mother.

Complete article: Feeling Settled? Must Be Time to Move – By Teri Karush Rogers, The New York Times

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Updated: January 2018

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