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How the new weight-loss drugs are impacting real estate and beyond

How the new weight-loss drugs are impacting real estate and beyond. It’s not exactly Chaos Theory — a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil causes a tsunami in Japan — but market shifts in one area can have an unexpected profound effect on real estate.

The growing popularity of weight-loss drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro — known as GPL-1s — is expected to impact consumer behavior and subsequently influence commercial real estate trends, CoStar reported

Here are four potential ways in which these weight loss drugs could influence real estate decisions:

  • Decline in fast-food sales: Weight-loss-drug users may reduce spending on fast food by about 85 percent, prompting questions about how fast-food restaurants can adapt their offerings, which could impact real-estate footprints.
  • Drop in alcohol sales: Individuals on these drugs might make a 60-70 percent reduction in their alcohol consumption, impacting liquor retailers, pubs and restaurants.
  • Shift in snack and soda preferences: Spending on snacks may decrease by 80 percent, and soda consumption may drop by 70 percent, potentially leading to increased spending at alternative venues like juice bars.
  • Increased demand for fitness and apparel space: A shift towards a healthier lifestyle post GLP-1 usage could result in higher demand for spaces such as gyms, spa and beauty retailers, and apparel stores as consumers seek to support their new lifestyle.

My Real Estate Thoughts

I agree with some of the above assumptions outlined by CoStar. Seemingly small consumer decisions, like purchasing habits, can have substantial implications for real estate investors. 

I know I’m over-weight and have already started cutting back on sodas and drinking more juices. But I’m hesitant to try these drugs, I still think there could be some long-term side effects that haven’t a risen yet. However, don’t be surprised by this time next year I’ll be on one of these weigh loss drugs.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to my tried and true diet.

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