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How to Create a Perfect Home Office in Your Boston Condo

The global coronavirus pandemic has had widespread effects on the way we interact. Daily parts of our life that were formerly separated into public and private spaces- our daily commute, the offices we worked in, and the activities we engaged in during our free time, both in and outside the home have all shifted.

The home has now expanded- no longer is it simply the hearth and the place of comfort. Now our homes serve as our sources of entertainment, our leisure and fitness centers, our children’s schools, and, perhaps most significantly, our offices.

While it may be tempting to open up the laptop and start your workday from bed, or lounge on the couch while you work, the reality is that this approach is not sustainable. And with more businesses transitioning to a long-term hybrid of work from home and in-office formats, you will definitely want to make sure you have a specifically designated home office space that will serve you for years to come.

So let’s take a look at how to create a perfect home office space in your Boston condo.

Designate Your Space

The first thing to consider is where you would like your home office to be. Does your condo have an entirely separate room that can serve as your work from home office? If so, use it. Otherwise, consider creative alternative ways to designate where your office will exist. You can easily and inexpensively delineate the boundaries of your office with the addition of standing panels. These panels can partition a living room or other area so that you have a private, contained, focused area from which to start work every day.

Panels have the added benefit of providing partial soundproofing. If you live with others, especially children or pets, you will want to make sure your home office space is separate from the rest of the house not just in terms of space, but also in terms of sound atmosphere.

Much of your business transactions will be taking place online and via phone and video calls. Be sure your space reflects an intentional professional atmosphere. And consider investing in soundproofing materials to prevent your important business meetings from being interrupted by crying pets or laughing children.

Carving out this separate space exclusively for working can help train your mind to focus on work when you’re in the office- and allow you to more easily relax when you are out of the space. Plus, creating a physical divider alerts your spouse, family, or roommates to the fact that you are in your professional zone, and thus not available to play.

Make Sure Your Technology is Up to Par

Most of your workday office tasks now take place online. From digital file-sharing platforms to remote phone and video calls and online collaborative workspaces, you will need to be sure your internet connection is fast, reliable, and up to the task of completing all your remote work endeavors. Research to be sure you have chosen the fastest internet provider in your area– if not, consider switching service providers. Alternatively, you can purchase a new Wi-fi router and install it near your workspace. Or look into the option of procuring a Wi-fi extender that will shore up the internet speeds in an area located farther away from the main router.

Once your internet is tended to and you feel confident that your video meetings and eCommerce transactions won’t be interrupted by glitchy connection issues, then you can consider your tech tools. As we have discussed above, establishing a separate physical space is important for maintaining focus and maximizing your productivity throughout the workday.

To further promote this separation, try to keep your work computer, mouse, and laptop separate from your personal tools. If possible, purchase a separate monitor that you use only for work- so you are not tempted to stream videos on the screen that you are accustomed to watching them on, or are not enticed to begin working late at night on your personal laptop.

Customize Your Atmosphere

Designing your remote home office workspace is an ideal opportunity to create a space that perfectly suits your needs and aesthetic preferences. Carefully choose furniture that will enhance your productivity and comfort throughout the workday. Look into ergonomic desk chair options to help improve your posture and attentiveness as you work.

Consider including a standup desk in your remote office setup. Research studies have revealed that sitting for eight hours each day can cause lasting health problems, while standing while you work can help improve focus and increase daily energy. Some standup desks offer flexible options, so you can easily swap back and forth throughout the day from sitting to standing and back.

Make sure you have plenty of storage space for all of your important files. You will want to keep your home office as neat, organized, and tidy as possible. Be sure to file in a way that makes sense to you- you can save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and headache by staying organized and knowing exactly where each file is located.

Throw away old office supplies that no longer work. Or if you have extra supplies that you never use, consider donating them. Local organizations like the Boston ReStore accept good quality used office supplies and donate them to nonprofits that can use them.

Include ample lighting options, with abundant overhead lighting and focused desk lighting possibilities. Place standing lamps and desk lamps wherever you usually like to sit, read, and work during the hours after the sun goes down, so you can decrease the likelihood of eye strain.

Make it Your Own

Many work from home employees reports higher job satisfaction levels, greater abilities to focus, and improved concentration throughout the workday. With no lengthy commute each day, a flexible remote schedule, and the ability to work from the comfort of your own condo, you will have more ability to customize your space and time. Take your time and enjoy the process of designing your workspace so that you can truly make your home office work for you.

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