There are a number of steps to ensure both parties in the Beacon Hill apartment relationship understand and are in a business agreement. Further, it is critical that a conversation to review every aspect of the rental occurs before your tenant ever moves into the apartment. Unfortunately, some landlords often lack the experience to know themselves what to expect, let alone set clear expectations and mutual responsibilities for their tenants upfront. This lies at the root of many of the well-worn landlord headaches. There are a few critical essentials professional property managers recommend covering at the outset.

1. Review The Apartment Lease With The Tenant

One would hope that the tenant has read the entire document prior to signing, however, in this age of one-click acceptance of terms and conditions, it’s no longer assumed. Be sure to review the apartment lease with the tenant in its entirety and ensure all concerns are addressed. 

Have a communication plan. How does the tenant address maintenance issues? What if they have questions about how to use an appliance? These are just a few examples of the different types of communication that will need to occur while your property is occupied. Prior to move-in, it is critical that you discuss the various types of interaction that will be necessary throughout the lease and agree on how any information exchange will be handled in detail.

3. Respond Quickly With Respect 

Whenever your tenant reaches out to you with a question or a concern, always respond as quickly as possible. Even if you do not have an immediate answer. In addition to responsiveness, it is also especially important to be respectful of your tenant’s time and privacy. Then, work with your tenant respectfully when scheduling vendors to ensure that you do not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the property for which they are paying. 

4. Provide Technological Conveniences

Even before the pandemic, we had all grown more dependent on technology over face-to-face interactions. Tenants now expect their landlords to offer them no-contact and 24/7 methods of interaction. 

Tenants want to view properties virtually, submit maintenance requests online, and receive fast online responses to their questions. This can be a particular challenge for self-managers or inexperienced rental owners, yet is critical for a safe, clear, and respectful relationship in this era.

From the first showing, establishing clear expectations with your tenant will be the key to the success of your rental property.  


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