How to sell or buy a Beacon Hill condo with pets

Your pets are your world…we get it. We’re pet people (specifically, dog people!) here at Hendrix Properties and we love our furry friends just as much as you do. Unfortunately, potential buyers might not feel the same way. Don’t let your pets kill a potential sale!

Boston Condo Sellers who are Pet Owners

How can you ready your home for market when you’ve got pets? Here are a few suggestions for making sure buyers see your Beacon Hill home, and not your animals.

Beacon Hill Condo Sellers – First, Plan Ahead

You’ll need to do something with your pets during showings…what will that thing be? Does your animal do well in a boarding facility, or do you have a friend nearby you can drop him off with? Can you take your pet to work for a few hours? If your animal won’t handle the back-and-forth all that well, consider having someone watch him for an extended period of time while your house is on the market. Keeping Fido at your sister’s for a few weeks and visiting often might make him less anxious than constantly shuffling him out of his home. 

Beacon Hill Condo Sellers Consider the Allergic

Some people don’t like cats, but some people are really, truly allergic to them. If you have cats, the last thing you want those people to do when they think of your home is sneeze and get teary eyes. If you can have someone else watch your cat for a few weeks leading up to and during your home’s time on the market, that might be a good solution. That way you can work on the dander and hair while your pet is away.

Beacon Hill Condo Sellers Handle the Pet Hair

Odds are, your pet probably sheds. If you’ve got a hair issue, the time to deal with it is before you list your house, not frantically an hour before a showing. Start with your furniture, where hair has likely collected over time and use a lint brush or squeege to remove it. Then, look for hair in less noticeable places: your air vents, the corners, and even on your welcome mat! You may not notice it anymore, but buyers will.

Beacon Hill Sellers Remove Odors, Stains, and Poo

Your pet smells! No really, he does. You’ve probably gone “nose-blind” to it but it’s usually pretty easy to tell when a home has animals living in it. Do everything you can to freshen your home’s scent: open windows, Febreeze fabrics, and have your carpets deep cleaned. Along the same lines, clean thoroughly anything that’s got pet stains or damage like chew marks. When in doubt, throw it out! And that poo? It’s in your yard, and you don’t want buyers avoiding landmines in your yard. Pick it up, and be diligent about doing so while you’re on the market.

Boston Condo Buyers with Pets

Many people assume that if they live in a downtown condo they won’t be able to have pets. There are condo buildings throughout the city that do not allow pets. I had a listing in a building that only allowed fish and no other pets.

In another building dogs are not allowed because members of the homeowners association believe that allowing dogs would create too much noise and that owners might be able to hear dogs walking in the hardwood floors. Cats are allowed.

Other buildings allow dogs but only 1 or they have size and weight limits which favor small dogs over large dogs. So far I have not seen a building that allows dogs but not cats.

Boston Downtown Real Estate and the Bottom Line

For Beacon Hill Condo Sellers:

Think you’re in the clear? Have a trusted friend come over and give you some honest feedback about how well you’ve done removing any signs of pets from your home. In an ideal world, buyers won’t notice any signs you’ve got a dog or cat – they’ll just see your home. Does your friend still smell an odor or did you forget to remove that huge dog crate from the laundry room? 

For Beacon Hill Condo Buyers:

It is easy to find out about pet restrictions before seeing a condo for sale. In Boston condo buyers have a right to review condo documents which include rules and restrictions before making a final commitment to purchase. Those documents should be read carefully.

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