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Is it against copyright if you post a section of an article where you, yourself, are quoted?

We’ll find out.

I was contacted yesterday by Glenn Roberts at Inman News. Mr Roberts was doing a story about the real estate industry – is it still necessary for your typical real estate agent to work for a large company – are there any benefits, does the average buyer or seller really care?

I, obviously, think you can work on your own and still be a successful real estate agent.

John A. Keith, a buyer’s broker who operates a small firm in Boston, said, “I don’t think it’s necessarily a disadvantage to work with a big company, just unnecessary. You can do the same things on your own that you can with a big company. I really think brands are dead, at least in real estate.”

Keith worked for Coldwell Banker for three years before going out on his own in October 2005. Large offices, he said, continue to have some attraction because of the size of their marketing budgets, for example. “Sellers might take comfort in knowing a large company is behind them, but that’s just the companies’ marketing at work. Over time, it will become less and less important.”

But Keith found that he could lower his overhead and better control his marketing by opening his own shop. “Everything I do is on my own. My commissions go a lot further,” he said.

Keith, like Boardman, said he drums up a lot of business through his Boston Real Estate Blog, as the site ranks high in some real estate-related Google searches. The blog allows consumers, he said, to get a sense for his personality. “The majority (of readers) like the honesty,” he said.

While some real estate professionals have criticized the barriers to entry in the industry as too low, Keith said that also translates into “a great opportunity for a small-business person.”

Experienced agents, too, are making the decision to go small, he said, citing a couple of “big defections” by established agents in the Boston area to leave large brokerage companies and open their own offices.

“I just haven’t thought of the reasons why you wouldn’t go out on your own,” he said.

Real estate pros weigh in on small vs. big: Technology can serve as equalizer for real estate companies – By Glenn Roberts Jr., Inman News

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