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So, a New York Times reporter heads out to see what’s new, construction-wise, in lower Manhattan.

Everybody has been telling me something I’m not too excited about. Namely, that to get a good deal on a new condo one has to commit to a space before the building has even been topped off. That explains why developers spend oodles of money not only on mock-ups of rooms but also on elaborate marketing plans that highlight future amenities – even if there’s not a corner deli in sight in the neighborhood.

Nowhere else does this seem to have been done with such elan as at the William Beaver House, Andrae Balazsâ’s 47-story, 319-unit tower at 15 William Street in the financial district.

Sounds like a great place to live, right??! Let’s put together an offer.

The William Beaver, according to Calvin Tsao, a partner in the Manhattan architectural firm of Tsao & McKown, is going up on a site where a building had been torn down years ago and had more recently been an empty parking lot the new building is positioned so you can look all the way down William Street and to the water.

I’ve got my checkbook out!

Now water views are something I would give up lots of other things for, so I was sort of surprised when Mr. Tsao said without hesitation: “This building is absolutely not for you. Its target is a younger, more mobile community.”

“Most of the units are small,” Mr. Tsao continued. “They are for people who travel, maybe not for families, as there’s nothing like Central Park near here, and the Battery is quite far. They are for a new generation that love living in hotel rooms.”

Now, I’m sure the developer would deny EVER suggesting that old, handicapped people with kids look elsewhere, right?

Instead, he got his architect to do it.

Source: Me! Me! Me! All the Way Home – By Suzanne Slesin, The New York Times

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