I have to admit that I’m one of those people who watch reality television. Lately, I’ve been watching the Bravo TV series “Million Dollar Listing”.

The show follows three young, stylish and incredibly self-centered real estate agents who make hefty commissions listing and selling mansions in Beverly Hills, Malibu and all sorts of other ritzy parts of Los Angeles that I’ve never visited.

This is the third season of the show.

The first two seasons featured plenty of scenes with these hot-shot agents gloating over how much money they made from the deals they inked — $100,000 here another $80,000 there …

Fast forward to this season: The real estate market has tanked and real estate agents all over the country are hurting.

The Million Dollar Listing trio is now spending a lot of time trying to convince clients to lower their asking prices or wait out the market. At least one of them has partnered with another agent to move a property.

They all spend some time complaining about their demanding clients – hmm, I would be demanding too if I had a multi-million dollar property and I was hiring an agent who stood to make an almost six-figure commission on the sale. Who shows up at the listing with a hangover and un-shaven.

But they still manage to drive expensive cars, wear cool designer clothes, and eat at all the trendy restaurants.

Even though this is supposed to be a “reality” show, I really don’t think this is the reality for most Boston real estate agents today.

File Under: I’m Jealous…