Boston has 68 miles of bike lanes and plans to keep adding to that — 

The city has carved 60 miles of bike lanes out of its streets, most 4 or 5 feet wide and delineated with white lines, taken mainly by reducing the vehicle travel lanes, the Boston Transportation Department said. That’s on about 800 miles of city-owned roads, which doesn’t count streets owned by the state.

The city also announced an additional eight miles of “separated” bike lanes — not right on the road — this week.

A map of the bike lanes shows them snaking around various parts of the city, many around downtown, the Back Bay, Allston/Brighton and Jamaica Plain. A proposed lane in West Roxbury is causing some residents and business owners to worry about shrinking streets.

The push for more bike lanes in Boston follows several fatalities in recent years, including one last February that killed a woman from Cambridge while she was riding in the Fenway area.

So what are your thoughts? Do we need more bike lanes or fewer?

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