The next time someone you know decides to move out of Massachusetts because of 1) bad weather, or 2) high taxes, or 3) rude people, or 4) all of the above, send them this article.

It’s not a matter of Boston being a “northeastern liberal elitist” bunch of fools, but that we have a great quality of life, something that can’t be matched by other cities in America.

Yeah, if you’re single, or without kids, or retired, you might have good reasons to move south, or to Arizona, or just about anywhere else.

But, for most of us, living here is worth it.

From The Wall Street Journal:

A year ago, my wife and I moved our family to Louisiana from New Jersey, a relocation I’ve written about several times. Before we moved, we thought a lot about it, weighing the pros and cons carefully. But recent conversations with Amy have left me wondering whether we missed a key element.

Specifically, we’ve begun to realize that our son’s previous school was better in certain, important ways. That has left us questioning whether we made the right decision to uproot him.

Complete article: Love & Money: In Our Move, We Failed the School Test

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