The National Association of Realtors says staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves in the home, buyers are more likely to visit a home that they see is staged online and saw an increase in dollar offers for staged homes.

Okay, we get it.

But staging ….can be incredibly costly.

So now, there’s virtual staging, where a computer generates the furniture and a much more economical price.

Boston real estate and staging during COVID-19

Virtual staging grew in popularity during the COVID-19 outbreak. Boston condo buyers couldn’t physically view Boston condos for sale, and listing agents had to quickly adapt to include virtual marketing pieces like 3D tours and photo galleries showing furniture in rooms that were technically empty. Stagers weren’t able to do their jobs, so virtual became a viable option.

Boston real estate – Back to normal

But now that Boston is opening up and we will be able to physically view Boston condos for sale coupled with stagers are working again, it’s become obvious to me that virtual staging can only so far. Sure, virtual staging is a lot less expensive for sellers than the real thing. Agents generally pay for the virtual staging on a per photo basis, so sellers avoid paying thousands of dollars for actual staging.

In Boston real estate – “You get what you pay for”

But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Virtually staged photos and tours online can motivate buyers to schedule an appointment to see a Beacon Hill condo for sale. 

But there’s still a big difference between visiting a staged Midtown high rise condo and an empty one, especially if the virtually staged version looks almost like a completely different property. In other words, perception is reality.

Boston real estate and the Bottom Line

When it comes to listing Boston real estate for sale, staging is worth the cost, in my opinion, because it helps buyers emotionally connect with your Seaport condo. Buyers can visualize themselves living in the space and can aspire to live in a stylish, organized way that might currently elude them.

Regardless of what you might be reading in the media, Boston condo buyers are out there looking at Boston condos for sale and ready to write offers. But remember in Boston real estate – Perception is reality.

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