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Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


Is your Boston condo for sale? Check out these selling tips

Are you thinking about listing our Boston condo for sale in 2021?  However, you aren’t sure where to start? You’ll want to get the highest price you can for your Boston luxury high rise condo, but don’t want to have it sitting  on the market forever. Here are a few suggestions and tips on how to sell your Boston condo that will  help you get the highest offers for your home and minimize any headaches that can occur.

Even with a list of to-dos, many people may forget important tasks throughout the process. Luckily, to help you as you’re getting ready to sell your house, we’ve put together a list of the top things most home sellers forget to think about that could cost you the sale. So before putting your home on the market, be sure not to overlook these tips.


One of the most important factors in selling your Boston condo is the price. Every home seller is looking to get as much as they can for their property, but pricing a home too high can have serious downsides. It is important to set aside your emotions and have a realistic idea of what your home is currently worth. This is often found by comparing your home to similar homes that are in your neighborhood or in close proximity to your home. Websites such as Zillow and Trulia, which can offer you estimates on how much your home is worth, are often very inaccurate and can give misleading information. Your best bet is to consult a Boston real estate agent, or even a few agents, to get their opinion on what your home is worth.

2. Boston Condos for Sale & First Impressions

The phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is something that many of us have heard over the years. This saying is good in theory, but the reality is that we all make first impressions and the first impression is often the most important one when your Boston condo is for sale.

If your downtown Boston condo is in need of some touch-ups, it may be a good idea to go ahead and get them done before listing. A fresh coat of paint, clean the hardwood floors new light fixtures can make a goof first impression


After getting the look and feel of your Boston condominium and you feel its ready to show buyers, it is also important to make sure all of the mechanics are good. As mentioned earlier, you want your home to give buyers the feeling that they can move in right away. Having electrical and plumbing up to current standards and codes, making sure windows and doors function properly, and that appliances are in working order will all help to ease buyers minds as they preview your property. Taking a proactive approach can also help you in the end when it comes time for a buyer’s request for repairs.


Now that you’ve taken all these steps to make sure your Boston Seaport condo stands out to home-buyers, a good test to give yourself to see if you missed anything is to pretend to be a home buyer yourself! Remove any emotional attachment and give yourself a tour, keeping a keen eye out for anything that may stand out to you that would deter you as a home-buyer. Start outside and see if the home feels welcoming. Evaluate each room as you walk through it. Is the furniture arranged in a way that makes sense? Does the décor match? Are there things that seem out of place? Does anything look too cluttery? The closer you can get your home to looking like a brand new staged home, the better.

6. Clean stains and eliminate odors in your Boston condo 

We should all consider small stains, marks, and other imperfections as badges of honor for a house that’s been well-loved. Nonetheless, when you’re getting ready to sell your house, these slight bumps and bruises will stand out to potential buyers, so make sure to tackle them head-on.

Start by going outside and re-entering your house as if you were an interested buyer looking at it for the first time. From there, do a walk-through of every room and take note of all the imperfections you notice. You might be surprised with how quickly your list grows. 

If you have pets, there’s a good chance your home may have an odor that you can no longer smell. Deep cleaning your house is a surefire way to help eliminate these odors, but simple things, like opening up the windows for a few hours each day, can help air out your home (especially if there are any chemical smells lingering). You can also place plugin room fresheners to help infuse a clean scent throughout your house. However, be sure you don’t overdo it with artificial scents – this can make buyers question what smell you’re trying to mask.

7. Declutter and organize your closets and cabinets

You may have gone through your home and minimized the clutter, organized your desk and other surfaces, and stored away your antiques and personal items – but did you tackle your closets and cabinets?

During a home tour, there’s a good chance that potential homebuyers will look in your closets, kitchen drawers, and cabinets, so you’ll want to showcase what your house has to offer in terms of storage. Start by decluttering your closets, cabinets, and drawers, being sure that you’re only keeping enough belongings in each to highlight the potential that space has to offer. Think of it as an extension of your home staging, but for your storage areas.

There’s a lot to do to prepare your home before it hits the market. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin, consider hiring a professional organizer to help get your home in order so you can focus on other important tasks.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Taking these few simple steps will help your home to stand out amongst others during a buyer’s search. They may be looking through countless photos online of homes and going to open houses every weekend. You can bet that many of the homes they are previewing are in less than desirable viewing condition. Having a clean, move-in ready home gives you a better chance of sparking that “This is the one” idea in a buyer’s head and that is just what you want to sell your home!

Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


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