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Its a Wonderful Life: Boston condos for sale during Christmas time

It’s a Wonderful Life

George Bailey is having a bad Christmas. His uncle has lost a lot of money his company desperately needs and now the police have been called to arrest him. He’s thinking of ending it all when his guardian angel comes to the rescue.

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To convince him his life is worth living, the angel shows him what things would’ve been like if George had never lived. George learns a valuable lesson, the angel gets his wings, and everyone lives happily ever after (including the evil Mr. Potter, who kept the money George’s uncle lost).

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It wasn’t enough for the angel to show George how wonderful life really was. He had to show him how bad it might’ve been before George learned his lesson.

Boston Condo Brokers responsibility

As a Boston condo broker, I know it’s not enough to list the features of my real estate listings; I have to make it about the benefits it provides you as the Boston condo buyer. How will your life improve as a result of using Ford Realty Inc. services?

But sometimes, even that’s not enough to motivate condominum buyers. sometimes its common to put off making a decision until later and carry on as you always have.

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Boston condos for sale and the bottom line

In that case, its my job as a Boston condo broker is to channel my inner guardian angel and show you the consequences of not taking action. I need to Remember, Boston property buyers are naturally loss-averse, my job is to show you what inaction is costing you by continuingly renting a Boston apartment into 2023.

As in the movie a Wonderful Life, George Baily learns valuable lessons on how to deal with his adversaries like the evil Mr. Potter. I likewise have been inspired by this and I have a new outlook on how to deal with my adversaries even some of my fellow Boston real estate brokers.

Remember if you continue renting a Boston apartment in 2023, Yule be sorry,

SNL – Lost Ending of it’s a Wonderful Lie

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