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It’s almost 5 o’clock…

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It’s almost 5 o’clock…

It’s almost 5 o’clock… I’ve been thinking, there’s only one New Year’s resolution I’ve found easier to stick to than others. Like everyone else, I’ve promised myself to eat healthier and exercise more, my goal is to keep my weight under 200 pounds.

Here’s one of my favorite resolution. Write more professional Boston real estate blog posts. (By the way, this is not one of them.) I’ve found writing more professional real estate stories checks all the boxes of a good resolution for a Boston condo broker.

The top Boston real estate blogs feature their listings and feed their readers with positive examples of how positive the Boston condo market is doing.

Okay, I can do this.

Help wanted a Boston real estate blog writer

Seeking a freelance writer to compose positive articles for Ford Realty Inc. Pay is based on writing skills.

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