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A couple of pieces in this week’s South End News raised my curiosity.

First, the paper covers the meals tax woes of local business people Mary and Robert Lionette, owners of the popular Tremont Street eatery, Garden of Eden.

The reporter of the article says, ” … rumors that the Lionettes owed a large amount of taxes drifted through cyberspace, specifically in a comment posted to a local real estate blog on Feb. 15.

I see ….

Also, [t]he tax situation was made public through the Massachusetts Registry of Deeds more than a year ago, “but only recently came to light in the mainstream media through a Boston Globe column on Feb. 22.

You’re welcome!

More interesting was a Letter to the Editor, where a South End resident chides the paper for “providing prominent recognition” of the local blog “The South End is Over. The blog is well-known in the local community for its relentless criticism of some of the neighborhood residents and new businesses that have opened up during the recent years.

The letter-writer criticizes the blog because it “frequently dissolves into divisive discourse”.

The letter is not online, yet, unfortunately.

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