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What I read and learned today, and I’m sure John Keith will agree with me.

If everyone does something good for someone else, we can start to turn the economy around.

My second thought:

There really are only three ways to build and make money online, porn, luck and whuffie.

“Whuffie,” is a term coined by noveliest Cory Doctorow that refers to real-world social capital that wins trust and customers. So how do you become “whuffle rich”? Stop talking (blogging) to customers and start to listen to them; be a generous member of the community you serve; “embrace the chaos” by not overexplanning; but to create an amazing experience for your clients (blog readers) by letting them express their thoughts.

I might not live up to those words today, but I keep trying, and I know with John Keith’s help I will someday reach it.

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