In these cynical times, we often assume that someone says something or does something for personal gain or benefit. Like, if I say, “housing prices will not fall” it can only be because I’m a real estate agent and I want to perpetuate the myth of high prices, in order to get people to continue to buy.

However, sometimes people do things for altruistic reasons, and/or because they really feel strongly about something.

NANTUCKET, Mass. — With its soda fountains, cobblestone streets and flower-brimming window boxes, Main Street in this island’s downtown area seems preserved in amber. On April 4, residents voted at their annual town meeting to keep it that way, adopting a proposal to ban chain stores and franchises from the core shopping area.

(T)he new bylaw, which was cleared by the island’s planning board, limits stores and restaurants in downtown to companies with fewer than 14 identical outlets and fewer than three standardized features among items like trademarks, menus or employee uniforms.

(T)here was no prohibition on chain stores until Wendy Hudson, a local bookstore owner, proposed one.

“It reduces the need or desire to go places when they all look the same,” said Ms. Hudson, who is the owner of Nantucket Bookworks and co-owner, with her husband, Randy, of Cisco Brewery, an island restaurant. “Nantucket is a hassle to get to, it’s expensive, and if, when you got there, you find the same thing at home, it reduces the experience.”

So, you tell me, is Ms. Hudson protecting Nantucket from chain stores, or is she protecting herself from Barnes & Noble, and protecting her husband from Applebees and McDonalds?

Source: Nantucket Votes to Ban Chain Stores From Downtown – By Stacey Stowe, The New York Times

I am a real estate agent and broker. I feel the need to state that, because I think some people assume I just do this for kicks. Um, no.

The difference between an agent and a broker is a broker can open his or her own agency, while an agent has to work for someone else. A broker takes extra classes and passes a separate exam in order to qualify for the broker’s license. Plus you have to have been an active agent for at least one year.

Anyway, so I have my own company. Ford Realty Inc. Ugh. Boring. Plus, when I call to set up appointments with other agents, they ask for the name of my company, I tell them and they sort of chuckle and say, oh, how quaint. Guess it doesn’t sound successful or professional enough. Plus, as I get more successful, and bring on employees (mm-hmm) it might be better to be less egocentric.

So, what do you think? Should I pick a name that sounds big and impressive? Like Giant Real Estate, or something descriptive like Boston’s Bestest Real Estate, or should I stick with using my name (it worked for Mr Coldwell and Mr Banker).

Submit suggestions through the comments form below. Feel free to be snarky or helpful.

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Updated: January 2018

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