Hello Boston Real Estate Bloggers…I am very excited about this new opportunity I have been given as a contributor to Boston Real Estate blog. I look forward to offering you my insights as to the market, buying and selling “do’s and don’ts”, and maybe even a funny story here and there about my day to day dealings…when you work with people, there’s always a story!

Most of all, I will welcome your questions. My goal is to wake up each day without having given any thought as to what I will write about, but rather will address your questions and concerns. It is very likely that your question will be the same or similar to a question someone else may have, so think of it as a public service. I would love to hear from you if you are right in the midst of a Real Estate transaction. Maybe you just received an offer on your house, and you are not sure what to do next. Your Realtor has given you good advise, but you want a second opinion, I can be that second opinion. Perhaps you had a home inspection, and learned that the home you are buying needs a new roof…how do you negotiate so that you get that new roof?

Getting ready to list your house for sale…is it REALLY up to show? Have you looked at it through a buyers eyes? If not, I will help you with suggestions to have it show to its fullest potential. The bottom line when selling is selling for the highest possible price, if it smells like Fido, and is as dark as a tomb, you are throwing money away.

After 23 years in the business, I can’t wait for then next 23, as no two days are ever the same. There is always a new and exciting challenge around the corner, and I never tire of seeing the joy on a families face on closing day as they prepare for their future in their new dream home.

I feel the sadness of a family when they sell the family home after a death, I feel the anxiety of a newly divorced couple as they wonder what’s next for them, and I feel the excitement of a newly engaged couple seeking their first home together.

It’s a people business, yes, there will be stories…to me, all of them are important, you are important, your transaction is important, and now, thanks to my new outlet to share with you, your questions are important, so keep them coming.

You can write me at rick@colonialmanorrealty.com