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hook111Back in late spring, a raging fire destroyed the James Hook lobster company’s headquarters, on Atlantic Avenue, along Boston’s waterfront.

The owners, through hard work and the generosity of friends (and competitors), were able to rebuild and reopen the shop.

But, perhaps surprising no one, a new building or buildings may soon rise where the 80-year old business once stood.

From the Globe:

… [T]he Hooks face a question: Does it still make sense to borrow big money and rebuild if, a decade later, the business will be sold off to some developer anyway? Or do they sell now and become a tenant in whatever a developer can get through the Boston Redevelopment Authority?

“We may not be going it alone,” Al said in early October. “We want to rebuild in our hearts, but we have to listen to our heads, too.”

It seems as though this could end up being a ‘win-win’ for everyone; the current owners could sell out to a big-time developer and lease-back some space, while the lot could be turned into something more functional and useful (but, please, not another hotel), in effect becoming the Gateway to the Seaport District.

Source: Clawing back – By Michael Fitzgerald, The Boston Globe

Photo: Greg MacKay,

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