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The infamous Cat Lady is back again, still doing today the same tricks she did with landlords in Beacon Hill back in 2003.

Her tricks – getting code violations cited, not letting repairmen in, postponing eviction court dates ect.., so she can live her wacky lifestyle. Her lifestyle of keeping 20 cats in a one bedroom apartment as she did in 2003 and using her freezer to store dead cats.

The latest landlord (victim) is a 90-year-old women who owns a three-family rental income property in Plymouth.

So this is the story. At the lease signing, the Cat Lady begged for disability accommodation for her alleged epilepsy and dyslexia. She wanted to be allowed to have two cats. The 90 year old landlord could not understand how cats helped her disabilities, but agreed to the two cats. Once the cat lady moved in multiple cats and several Great Dane dogs also moved in. The second day the Cat lady asked for a parking space and once again the 90 year old landlord said yes. But, the Cat lady’s mobile home van was too large to park in the driveway. (tough break)

Meanwhile, a foul stench soon filled the house from all the animals. The Cat Lady also harrased the downstairs tenants. She went so far as to install a security camera aimed at the downstairs tenants apartment front door. When the landlady asked her to remove the camera, she refused.

It gets better. The Cat Lady, asked the landlord to remove the washer & drier in the basement so she can install her own washer & drier. The landlord said no (good for you grandma). The Cat Lady then installed the washer & drier in her own apartment-without permission- and since the hook up was done improperly, the washer leaked through to the downstairs apartment. The Cat Lady had the front doors to the building and her apartment changed and locked the landlady and the other tenants out. The landlady had to call the fire dept. to gain access to the property to shut off the leaky washer. The fire dept had to use a ladder to enter through a window.

The other tenants all moved out within a month, leaving the 90 year old landlord without any income because the Cat Lady refused to pay the rent because of code violations.

The Cat Lady appears to live off of landlord payments to get rid of her. A month and a half into the tenancy, the Cat Lady asked the landlord for an $8,000.00 payment to get rid of her. The landlord didn’t have the money. Months later, in negotiations, the Cat Lady asked for a larger settlement, saying “If you paid me the $8,000.00, I would have been gone by now.” And so for this poor 90 year old landlord the battle continues.

Source: Property Owners Newsletter

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