Over at the Boston Condos Blog, they mention that the developer at the Macallen Building is now offering incentives to buyers.

Forget about a free plasma TV, or a year of HOA fees, we’re talking about a free hybrid car as a buying incentive at South Boston’s Macallen Building.

Pappas Properties, the developer of the 140-unit green Macallen Building is offering a year-end clearance sale to entice Buyers into their units, and wow, are they going all out.

On a limited number of available units, prices have been slashed by upwards of $200,000 …

… If a Buyer reserves a unit before December 31, 2007, and closes on the property before March 1, 2008, the developer will give the Buyer a Toyota Camry Hybrid car, or, $30,000 if a car is not desired.

And, yes, that’s exactly how the sales office is advertising it: YEAR END CLEARANCE SALE!

Not ready to buy?

They’ve got you covered. The sales office has just put nine of the developer’s remaining units on the markets as rentals, with prices ranging from to $2,100 to $6,500, per month.

That should take care of any excess inventory, for awhile.

From boston-condos-for-sale.com

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