Lady Gaga apparently has a new cottage on Martha’s Vineyard. We’re sure the islanders are all thrilled — riight.

Well, she can’t be more controversial than, say, the late Ernie Boch Sr., who once shocked some residents’ sensibilities by building a controversial abode on the island:

The $5 million three-story harborside mansion, with 10 bedrooms, 80 skylights, three kitchens and an 1,800-foot driveway, was challenged unsuccessfully by neighbors. After the estate was built, Mr. Boch set aside pasture land among his 15 acres for his three renowned TV llamas, Chico, Burrito and Shaman, and for Kramer the Donkey.

File Under: Loving neighbors.

Update: Wait!  Let’s file it under one of Lady Gaga’s songs.

So if you’re a Big Lady Gaga fan like me,  which song can we file this blog post under?


“Beautiful, Dirty Rich” 

“Money Honey”

“I Like it Rough”  (Err… Perhaps not that one.)


“Dirty Ice – cream”


“Fancy pants”

Your choice Boston Real Estate Blog Readers!’

What should we file this Boston Real Estate  Blog post under?