Massachusetts ranks 3rd: How stressful

Massachusetts ranks 3rd: How stressful

Massachusetts more expensive than nearly every state for average price per square foot

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Massachusetts is one of the most expensive states for real estate based on price per square foot, a recent study from found. 

The website analyzed average home prices and average home sizes in each state to come up with its rankings.

Massachusetts was No. 3 overall, with an average home price of $799,000 and an average home size of 1,914 square feet, which comes out to about $417 per square foot. 

Hawaii had the highest price per square foot, at an average of $681. West Virginia had the least expensive price per square foot, at $133.

The top 10 most-expensive states for real estate, based on average price per square foot, according to the study:

  1. Hawaii, $681 per square foot
  2. California, $425
  3. Massachusetts, $417
  4. New York, $416
  5. Rhode Island, $325
  6. Washington, $315
  7. New Jersey, $310
  8. Montana, $309
  9. Oregon, $302
  10. Colorado, $287

The five least-expensive states were:

  1. West Virginia, $133
  2. Mississippi, $142
  3. Ohio, $147
  4. Kansas, $150
  5. Arkansas, $152


Feeling stressed out by the above sq. ft. stats? You’re not alone. According to a new Gallop Poll, Massachusetts ranked as the 5th most stressed State with 40% or more people reporting being stressed out.

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