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Think it’s bad now? Here are a few indicators that may frighten some Boston real estate agents:

Massachusetts single-family home sales indicator:

Year-to-date totals

2011 – 11,308

2010 – 14,158

Condo sales down 2.6% in September and from 2010 to year-to-date down condo sales down 20%.

Mortgage delinquencies indicator: Mortgage delinquencies are on the rise. In the second quarter 2011 number of delinquencies were at  5.82% in the third quarter of 2011 5.88%.

And lets not forget…

The tap water indicator:  The NPG Group, a research firm, in a recent study found Americans are foregoing paid beverages to save money at restaurants and are drinking tap water instead.

Yes, tough times ahead.

This weekend we’re going to a restaurant, and I’m just going  have to tell Mona, forget the Merlot, lets drink more tap water, eat a lot more free bread and would she mind ordering off the kiddie menu.

File Under: Belt tightening or should I say intestine tightening.

Boston Condos


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