Mayor Menino is pushing for hyper-small studio apartments in the Seaport (“Innovation”) District.

We’re talking way small. As in 375-square-feet small. Will it work? Will there be a demand? The administration thinks so. Some developers agree. They may well be right.

But what if they’re wrong? That’s the problem with government-dictated policies. They may get it wrong, creating other unforeseen problems down the road. (Insert here obligatory reminder of the government’s role in tearing down the entire West End neighborhood.)

The administration is quick to note they’re not really mandating such tiny abodes. But, c’mon, a “request” by the mayor is virtually an “order” by the mayor in this town.

Again, the city may be onto something here. There really is a need for more affordable housing, though even these tiny-tot apartments technically don’t qualify as “affordable” housing. Why, we don’t know. Anyway, let’s see if the experiment works.

File under: Tiptoe through the tulips

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