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From the Globe:

In the latest clash in an increasingly public quarrel, Mayor Thomas M. Menino called on Boston College yesterday to increase its voluntary payments to the city to offset tax revenue lost as a result of the school’s recent $67 million purchase of a high-rise apartment complex on Commonwealth Avenue.

“He believes BC should make that up somehow,” said the mayor’s press secretary, Dorothy Joyce. “They don’t do as much as their counterparts, and he’d like to see them do more.”

Menino wants BC to pay the city the $424,000 it will lose in taxes from the Commonwealth Avenue property, as well as additional community benefits “to moderate the impact on the neighborhood,” if the building is converted to a dormitory, Joyce said.

Suffice it to say, I don’t think whether or not BC is paying taxes should be the deciding factor as to whether or not it buys a building. I mean, it’s a private transaction, right?

Source: City wants BC to pay more for dorm plan; Menino fears revenue loss if apartments are converted – By Peter Schworm, The Boston Globe

Also: Menino: BC’s housing plan would stiff Boston on taxes – By Christine McConville, The Boston Herald (the Herald message board is not to be missed)

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