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Sour grapes or spot-on criticism?

From the Globe:

From projects as small as a park playground, to visions as grand as a new City Hall on the South Boston waterfront, [Mayor Thomas] Menino has showered audiences with commitments and promises since his election in 1993. He has delivered on many, but not all …

… Among the promises he has fulfilled: expanding after-school programming, selling the Berkeley Street police headquarters to fund affordable housing, issuing 10,000 new housing permits, and establishing neighborhood response teams to better coordinate delivery of city services.

But of 41 of the mayor’s most clearly stated goals touted in those speeches, 10, including the Boston 400 plan, never materialized. Ten others were fulfilled only in part, or after lengthy delays. The unfulfilled commitments include an early, ill-fated plan to sell the city’s Marine Industrial Park and repeated entreaties to return to neighborhood schools, which have been rejected at every turn by community leaders.

Our Mayor has a 72% approval rating, according to a recent poll published by the Boston Globe. Seems like residents are pleased with the job he is doing.

What do you think? Do you think the Mayor is doing a good job? Do you think it’s time for someone else to take over?

Source: Promises unmet; The mayor has failed to deliver, in whole or in part, on nearly half of his 41 most clearly stated commitments to the city – By John C. Drake, The Boston Globe

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